Is Your Dryer Becoming a Fire Hazard?

Depend on us for dryer vent cleaning services in Folcroft, PA

When lint and other debris gets trapped in your dryer vent, it can cause your machine to work less efficiently. It can also be a serious fire hazard. Count on a qualified technician from Pollard's Dryer Vent Cleaning Service to make your home safer with thorough dryer vent cleaning services. If you aren't satisfied with your dryer's performance after we're finished, we'll come back for free to fix things.

Want cleaner air and drier clothes in the Folcroft, PA area? Contact us today to get a free estimate on dryer vent cleaning services.

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How can you tell if your dryer vent needs cleaning?

It's probably time to contact a dryer vent service if you notice:

  • A burning smell coming from your dryer while it's running.
  • Burn or scorch marks on your clothes when they come out.
  • Your dryer or clothes feel unusually hot after a normal cycle.
  • Your clothes aren't getting dry after 30-40 minutes in the dryer.
  • Strange sounds or unusual vibrations are coming from your machine.

Don't wait for a clogged vent to cause serious damage. Call 610-203-0257 now to consult a dryer vent service based in Folcroft, PA.